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We’ve Moved!

We’ve Moved!

Brad and I have moved a handful of times in our years of marriage.  Our usual packing pattern is as follows:

  1. Create a Horrific Mess
  2. Attempt to Pile Related Items in Boxes
  3. Repeat Step 1
  4. Label Boxes
  5. Load Boxes
  6. Drive __ Hours to Destination
  7. Unload boxes
  8. Repeat Step 1
  9. Take Several Weeks to Unpack
Movingto PA

Our “Dining Room” After Step 8 When We Relocated to the East Coast Several Years Ago
Needless to say, the move back had an even bigger pile.


The move that I write about now is a new experience for us.  It is a Digital Move, jumping from our previous blog site (www.lifehyphenated.blogspot.com), to a new website that will host the blog (including all past posts), more information about Tugboat Yarning, our friends, and better ways to stay connected to The H-G’s.  The new website (www.tugboatyarning.com) is still a work in progress, and honestly, will always be a work in progress.  So, please excuse the mess, awkward formatting, and any links that give you trouble, but we’re working on it.




Here are some key features to check out:

  1. Learn More About The H-G’s.
  2. We Love to e-Socialize, so Be e-Social with Us!
  3. Get a Good Deal on Tugboat Yarning Gear.
  4. Read The Life, Hyphenated Blog.
  5. Crochet Something with Tugboat Yarning’s Free Patterns.
  6. Meet Some of Our Friends (coming soon!)


And now, we ask for YOUR INPUT!  (You didn’t think you’d leave this site unscathed, did you?)  Well, we promise no DNA swabs or retinal scans will be involved.  We’d just like to know these simple items:

  1. What would you like to see more of on the blog and on this website?  (And is there anything that you’d rather see less?)
  2. What were (and are) your favorite components of the site?
  3. What’s something you’re dying to know about The H-G’s?


Okay, that’s it!  Please leave comments below, or use the Be e-Social links to contact us through other means!  And, welcome to the new home of Life, Hyphenated and Tugboat Yarning!


Knee deep in digital boxes to unpack,


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