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Social Media Icon Pattern: Twitter

Social Media Icon Pattern: Twitter

Social Media Icon Pattern: Twitter

Twitter Inspired Icon Crochet Pattern


  • Worsted weight gray yarn.
  • Worsted weight teal yarn.
  • Size J crochet hook
  • Darning needle (for weaving in ends and attaching components)



  • CH = chain
  • SC = single crochet
  • HDC = half double crochet
  • st = stitch
  • sl st = slip stitch


Directions – Background Circle

R1: with gray yarn, ch 3, 10 HDC in 3rd ch from hook (10).

R2: 2 HDC in ea st (20).

R3: *1HDC, 2HDC* repeat all the way around (30).

R4: *1HDC, 1HDC, 2HDC* repeat all the way around (40).

R5: *1HDC, 1HDC, 1HDC, 2HDC* repeat all the way around, sl st to join (50). Finish gray yarn.

R6: Join teal yarn at any point around gray circle. ch 1, SC in ea st, sl st to join.  Finish. Weave in ends.


Directions – “t” Components (2)

Component One – Main stem of “t”

R1: ch 16, 1HDC in first 7 ch’s beginning with 3rd ch from hook, 3HDC in next, 1HDC in last 6 ch’s.

Finish leaving long tail.

Component Two – Crossbar of “t”

R1: ch 8, 1HDC in ea ch beginning with 3rd ch from hook.

Finish leaving long tail.



Using the long tails, stitch both components of the “t” shape to the background circle.  Weave in ends.


Permission to use this Pattern:  You may use this pattern for personal or commercial use, but please give credit for the pattern’s design by linking back to this website (www.TugboatYarning.com).  No portion of this pattern, including any photos associated with it, can be reused, copied or distributed in any capacity.  Thank you!


Note:  This website is by no means associated with Twitter or paid to advertise or promote on their behalf.  This is simply a way to promote various forms of social media.


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