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The Yarn Stash Project: Beginnings

The Yarn Stash Project: Beginnings

The Yarn Stash Project: Beginnings



Okay fellow crocheters and knitters, this is an important public service announcement that may directly affect you.  Do you find yourself  pacing yarn store aisles on a regular basis, despite having baskets, or bags, or drawers full of yarn that is dying of loneliness?   Do you purchase an extra skein of yarn just in case you need a little extra, and yet that solitary skein just gets tucked away?  Is your Yarn Stash beginning to take up more space in your home than your shoes, or your clothing, or your car?


Well, this is an intervention:  You may have the beginnings of a Yarn Hoarding Problem.  I’ll admit that I do have a bit of a stash collected in my little craft corner, and I’ve decided to do something about it.  In fact, I received quite the treasure this past fall:  A box of miscellaneous yarn from my step-mom, that seemed like the perfect addition to my stash.  But instead of doing something with it, I just let it sit, and sit, and sit.


My Challenge: Clear Out The Stash

My Challenge: Clear Out The Stash


So folks, I am beginning The Yarn Stash Project, and am challenging myself to create one new project each week by using yarn from my box of goodies.  If it’s a worthy item, I’ll also be posting it to my Etsy Shop, but if it’s a fail, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it, too.  And to my fellow yarn hoarders?  JOIN ME!  Use the Be e-Social page to find ways to connect, especially by posting on Tugboat Yarning’s Facebook Page, and use Instagram by tagging (@tugboaty yarning) and using those oh so fun hashtags (#yarnstashproject2013, #yarnhoarderprevention) to show us all your projects.  Work on making something new with those lonely skeins of yarn.  If you were a skein of yarn, wouldn’t you want to have a fulfilled life, parading around as a scarf, amigurumi figure, or child’s beanie?  Come, let us put or hands to good use to bring life to our boxes of yarn.


Wading through my stash,




P.S.  Join The Yarn Stash Project 2013 group on Ravelry!  Not a member on Ravelry?  Join by creating a username and password here, and then search for the group to post your photos and comments!

10 thoughts on “The Yarn Stash Project: Beginnings

  1. Jessica

    This is fabulous and laugh out loud funny! I am a yarn hoarder…but I too am trying to do something about it this year! My stash takes up a wee more room than yours (HAHA, who am I kidding…check my blog to see it lol). I might not be able to make an item a week with stash yarn, but I will try my best! Just about everything I’ve made this year has been from stash! I did have to buy some red and blue yarn for a very specific project and a skein here or two for a few orders, but other than that I’ve been good!

    Thank you for this challenge :).

    1. Maggie H-G Post author

      Love it, Jessica! My full stash is in a bin, a four-drawer utility cart, some project bags, and a few shelves, but I thought tackling one box of it was a good start. Good luck with your stash (oh, and what is your blog address?) and I’m looking forward to seeing your stash projects!

    1. Maggie H-G Post author

      Ha! Well, I don’t think I’m your cousin, but know that you’re not alone in this endeavor! We Yarn Hoarders are in it together 😉

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  4. Nichole

    I am soo glad I found this post! It has changed my life. My yarn stash is slowly getting smaller. Thanks to you and the Ravelry group, I have been able to avoid buying more unnecessary yarn.

  5. Rosifer

    Great!! I am a beginner, and I start projects but suddenly and quite often I find myself in the isles of yarn shops, hobby lobby -Jo-ann’s start a new one, I have finished few projects but have lots of yarn and will like to get some more room, please help!

    1. Maggie H-G Post author

      Nice to hear from a fellow yarn hoarder! It’s so hard to say no to those delicious new skeins of yarn, is it not? Well I hope you find some fun projects and can finish them *before* getting new yarn, but there won’t be any judgement from me if you don’t! hehehe… Best of luck with your projects!

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