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The Yarn Stash Project: Week Two (Ravelry!)

on January 31, 2013

For all my knitting, crocheting, and general yarn-loving friends out there, I have one question for you:


Have you heard of Ravelry? 


Some of you probably just scoffed and said, “Of course!”  Others of you might be trying to sound out Rav-Ell-Ree, and are puzzled by this word.  Well, for those of you unaware of this magical place, you should definitely check it out.


Ravelry is an online community for knitters, crocheters, and people who love (and might be slightly obsessed) with yarn.  You create your own profile, upload pictures of your projects (and can write notes, link to the pattern, etc.), can join groups, write and read forums, search a MASSIVE database of patterns… the awesomeness goes on and on!  If you aren’t already signed up for Ravelry and you are all about yarn, go check it out!  You can find my profile (MaggHG), as well as join The Yarn Stash Project 2013 group to post your projects.  Oh, and did I mention it’s a free community to join?  Again, awesome.


And now on to this week’s Stash Project.  (If you’re new to the challenge, check out The Yarn Stash Project: Beginnings, and Week One posts).  In my Challenge Box, I have a few of these kind of “fluffy”, “floofy”, “fuzzy” yarns that are hard to work with, as well as hard to find patterns (I couldn’t find anything when I searched for “floofy” yarns, unfortunately).  But instead of using Ravelry’s databse for patterns, I instead got my inspiration from Ravelry itself!


Just like the Social Media Icons I made for this blog, I thought it would be fun to create the Ravelry yarn icon (pictured to the right).

So digging in the box I found a yarn close to the background color:


Light Green Yarn: Worsted Weight, Acrylic?

Light Green Yarn: Worsted Weight, Acrylic?


And then for the circle (which I think is a ball of yarn) I found the perfect skein and it was a “fluffy” yarn.  A great way to use a difficult yarn and add texture to the icon.


Pink Yarn: "Chinchilla" Fluffy Yarn, 100% Rayon

Pinkish/Orangie Yarn: “Chinchilla” Fluffy Yarn, 100% Rayon


And then I found a basic black in my Challenge Box for the accent parts that criss-cross across the yarn ball.


Black Yarn: Worsted Weight, Wool?

Black Yarn: Worsted Weight, Wool?


And with some knitting and crochet needles, I made this Ravelry Icon:




Want to make one, too?  Here’s the pattern!


The Ravelry Inspired Icon Pattern

[Knit & Crochet Components]



  • Light Green Worsted Weight Yarn (for background)
  • Pink/Orange Fluffy Yarn (for yarn ball)
  • Black Worsted Weight Yarn (for black streaks)
  • Size 10 knitting needles
  • Size M crochet hook
  • Size F crochet hook
  • darning needle (to weave in ends and attach pieces)



  • r = row
  • co = cast on
  • bo = bind off
  • ch = chain
  • st = stitch
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • dc = double crochet




Background: size 10 knitting needles, light green worsted weight yarn.

CO 20 st’s.

R1 – R34: knit all rows.  Note: you may have to adjust the number of rows knit until it becomes a square.

BO, Weave in ends.


Yarn Ball: size M crochet hook, pink/orange fluffy yarn.

R1: ch 3, sl st to join to make ring.

R2: 12 HDC in ring (12).

R3: 2HDC in ea st, sl st to join to 1st HDC (24).

Finish, leaving a long tail to sew onto background later.


Tapered Black Streaks (make three): size F hook, black worsted weight yarn.

Ch 16.

R1: Using top loops only, begin in 3rd ch from hook: DC in first 2 st’s, HDC in next 3 st’s, SC in next 4 st’s, sl st in remaining 5 st’s.

Finish, leaving a long tail to sew onto background and yarn ball later.


Center Black Streak (make one): size F hook, black worsted weight yarn.

Ch 15

R1: Using top loops only, begin in 2nd ch from hook and SC in ea st.

Finish, leaving a long tail to sew onto background and yarn ball later.



Sew pink yarn ball to green background square using long tails.

Sew center black streak to pink yarn ball.

Sew the three remaining black streaks to the yarn ball and background.

Note: You will want to look at Ravelry’s icon to get the placement right of all the pieces!


Permission to use this pattern: You are welcome to use this pattern for personal use, however, no portion of this pattern (including photos) can be re-written, copied, or sold.  If you do use this pattern, please link back to this page for credit for its creation.  This is meant to be a FREE pattern for all.  I am by no means an employee or paid advertiser for Ravelry, but instead am just trying to promote a fantastic online community that brings the Knit, Crochet, & Yarn Lovers together!  Thanks!


Slowly de-stashing,




2 Responses to “The Yarn Stash Project: Week Two (Ravelry!)”

  1. Jamie says:

    You amaze me! That is awesome!
    I think my stash projects will include finishing those half finished projects I have!

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