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The Yarn Stash Project: Week Ten (Spring and Summer Break)

The Yarn Stash Project: Week Ten (Spring and Summer Break)

The Yarn Stash Project: Week Ten (Spring and Summer Break)

Sometimes I put projects on the back burner.  Other times, I remove the entire stove, ditch all the pots and pans, and leave projects to rot and spoil, never to be fully cooked or even simmered on the esteemed front burner ever again.  Sadly, my Yarn Stash Project seemed to be on the Pan Ditching Trail… until now!  I’ve considered these nineteen weeks (wow, that’s a long time!) of non-posting about the YSP’13 to be my spring and summer breaks.  Despite my electronic inactivity, I still have been busy crocheting and making fun projects.  Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on over the last few months…


Photo Apr 04, 3 18 19 PM

Maynard‘s Wife, Myrtle, the Fair Maiden Monster

Photo Jul 14, 9 33 34 AM

Baby Cocoon for Baby HG2 (Quincy assisted in the photoshoot)

Photo Jun 20, 2 10 56 PM

Stocking Up for a Fall Craft Show & My Etsy Shop: Newsboys & Newsgirls Hats
(pattern found here)


Photo May 25, 10 15 35 AM

Hats for Baby HG2


Besides squirreling away time to make various yarn creations, we’ve had a lot going on in the H-G Household.  First, there was the trip to Nashville to see my mom and step-dad, and a bonus visit with friends in the area!


Photo Jun 15, 2 17 27 PM

Tennessee Friends: Katie, Baby Grant, Tim, Brad, Quincy, & Maggie

Photo Jun 15, 2 18 09 PM

Brad, Quincy, Maggie, & Mama (Ok, Kathleen, but I still call her Mama!)

Photo Jun 15, 3 14 10 PM

Quincy & Grandma Kate enjoying  Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream


Then, there was the trip to Southern California for the wedding of Nate (Brad’s brother) and lovely fiancee Alyssa.  We had a blast, and survived a total of FIVE airplanes with a toddler and me at 31-32 weeks pregnant!  Hey, I only had one or two contractions each day (and not those silly Braxton Hicks ones…), but other than that we did pretty well!  A bonus visit meeting up with my brother, Graham, and his lovely wife, Min, was also included, although no photos were taken of us together (bad Casual-Photographer-Maggie, bad!)

Photo Jul 07, 1 32 07 PM

Sleeper Flight: Who needs first class when you’ve got a built in bed in mom and dad’s lap, and a pillow from baby girl!

Photo Jul 05, 8 25 23 PM

Rehearsal Dinner: Stacey (Brad’s sister), Phil (Stacey’s Husband), Quincy, Brad, & Maggie


The Beautiful and Happy Couple, Alyssa & Nate


Brad and I also got to rock out a local community event with my sister, Heather, and some other very talented musicians from church for the Fulfilling Life Ministries Annual Picnic.  (They are an AWESOME organization – you should check them out!)


Photo Jul 20, 5 22 30 PM

The Band (left to right): David (keys/vocals), Joe (bass), Andy (drums), Heather & Maggie (vocals), Brad (electric & acoustic guitars)

Photo Jul 20, 4 15 51 PM

Brad, Quincy, & Papa (also known as Howard or Grandpa) at the Picnic

Quincy transitioned into his Big Boy Room (and twin sized bed) without much fuss.  Okay, so maybe he fell out of bed twice, but it was while playing, not while sleeping.  We definitely spent more time worrying about how awful switching him to a big bed from the crib was going to be, as opposed to the actual time it took (which was hardly any) for him to transition.  I think it’s all because I made sweet curtains in his room…

Photo May 17, 5 05 49 PM

I’ve also had the chance to try out a Mother of Two Trial before the real deal arrives sometime at the end of summer.  My nephew, Paxton, has been great practice for me and for Quincy.  Plus, he’s pretty adorable.  Don’t you agree?

Photo Jun 26, 1 22 43 PM

Photo Jul 26, 1 46 50 PM

Photo Jul 10, 2 10 17 PM

Photo Jul 17, 12 50 45 PM

Quincy has also been living up to the role of Busy Toddler.  He has ALL of his baby teeth (as of 17 months) except the 2nd year molars, which I am FINE waiting for their (hopefully late) arrival!  He also has a very active social calendar with friends and community events…


Playdate with Quincy, Molly, Netta, Zoe, Ben, & Charlotte


Deep Life Conversations with Quincy’s neighbor buddy, Ahren

And, of course, keeping up with yard work…

Photo Jul 11, 5 05 50 PM

Using da Moh! as Quincy calls it


I hope you all have enjoyed your springs and summers thus far.  Done any crochet/knitting projects?  Taken any trips?  Tell us about it!


Springing and Summering,


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