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The Yarn Stash Project: Week Six (Bears & Wool)

The Yarn Stash Project: Week Six (Bears & Wool)

The Yarn Stash Project: Week Six (Bears & Wool)

After last week’s confession, I did my best to use up some skeins of yarn, and I think I succeeded!  Check out this beautiful wool yarn:




Using the The Blue Leaf Headband pattern (found for free on Ravelry!), I knitted with double strands of the yarn to make sure it was sturdy and warm.



Doesn’t it have a beautiful lacy pattern?


And then there’s the awesome metal button I found to give it a antiquey-cool-look.


And then to continue my goal of TWENTY preemie hats for Rosie’s Cozies, I made these two little bears.  The first was made with this cute pattern from Squishy Chocolate, and the second is an improvisation of my own, though using the same ears from the first pattern.  Do you notice the problem I ran into on the second bear?


The Sleeping Polar Bear



The Eye-less Pink Bear


I’ve decided that eyes are the hardest part to animal hats.  Anyone out there have a technique they like?


How have your weeks been going?



Psssssst… The Headband is up on Etsy now until it sells! Use code “YSPWEEK6” for 20% off your purchase until next week’s post for anything at the shop!

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