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The Yarn Stash Project: Week One (Ice Cream!)

The Yarn Stash Project: Week One (Ice Cream!)

The Yarn Stash Project: Week One (Ice Cream!)

Before we get to this week’s Yarn Stash Project Creation, I have a simple question for you:


What is your favorite ice cream flavor?


I have had a long friendship with Mint Chocolate Chip over the years.  There is something incredibly satisfying about its creamy minty-ness being paired with its crunchy, chocolatey, chip-y goodness.  And hey, no one said you have to make sense when describing your favorite ice cream – hence the over use of y’s and ‘ness’s.  But all I’ve got to say is Mint Chocolate Chip is good.


But I digress.



For my first Stash Project, I was inspired by my delightfully delicious friend while plucking this creamy mint yarn from the box.  Since it was a worsted weight yarn, I decided to go for an easy project by using my Thankful Infinity Cowl pattern, but it needed a splash of chocolate to fully represent the world’s best ice cream flavor.




So out of the box came a small skein of chocolate brown, with a slightly thicker weight and a courser touch than its creamy partner, it was the perfect matte finish to compliment the softness of the mint.  Using my Cutsie Crochet Flower pattern, I whipped up the base flower, and then added just a circle of mint, gave it a felt backed pin, and the Mint Chocolate Chip Infinity Cowl was born!





I’d say this was a good start to the Yarn Stash Project, and you can find this beauty of a scarf for sale at my Etsy Shop (TugboatYarning) if you’d like to add this savory scarf to your sweet style!


And now, Dear Fellow Yarn Hoarders, how is your week going?  What does your stash look like, and what project(s) are you currently making?  Let’s keep working on cutting down that stash!




Swimming in skeins,




P.S.  Join The Yarn Stash Project 2013 group on Ravelry!  Not a member on Ravelry?  Join by creating a username and password here, and then search for the group to post your photos and comments!

3 thoughts on “The Yarn Stash Project: Week One (Ice Cream!)

  1. Jamie

    Hmm… I’ll have to try to make something out of my stash! Haven’t had a ton of time lately!
    Love the idea and the cowl. 🙂
    Also, a few months ago, Aldi had Mint Moose Tracks. Oh my goodness. Amazing! I’m a sucker for Moose Tracks, or even better – Chocolate Moose Tracks!

    1. Maggie H-G Post author

      Mmmm, Moose Tracks is also a good one. And as for time, if only it were as easy to acquire as a stash of yarn, ha! No pressure of course 🙂

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