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The Yarn Stash Project: Week Four (Rosie’s Cozies)

The Yarn Stash Project: Week Four (Rosie’s Cozies)

The Yarn Stash Project: Week Four (Rosie’s Cozies)

It’s week four of The Yarn Stash Project, and thought it was about time I did some kind of charity crocheting.  Instead of just doing cute adorable things for Etsy or for friend’s having babies, why not give to those who are in a tough situation?


Here’s where Rosie’s Cozies comes into play.  For those of us who have had full-term babies born, we’ve never given a thought to newborn clothing and hats being too big for our little ones at the hospital.  I know when Quincy was born, we were given oodles of hats from the hospital that were handmade and they fit really well.  But imagine if you head into the hospital at 24 weeks and your baby is born prematurely… the hats on hand are much too big.  So in honor of a preemie baby, Rosie, that was born much too early, Rosie’s Cozies is a wonderful group that knits and crochets all sorts of little hats for those special little babies in the NICU.  You can read more on the Dainty Daisy’s website, and check them out on Facebook, but it definitely is a worthy cause to comfort the parents going through a tough time, and make sure those itty bitty babies feel loved and cozy in a handmade hat.


I made two projects for this week, but I have a goal of making twenty hats before the deadline in mid-March.


First, I began with this thin, pink yarn with flecks of white.



Pink Yarn: DK weight, with flecks of white.


Using one of my favorite patterns for a Newsie Hat, I double stranded the yarn (since it was so thin), and created this little number:




For the second project, I found an awesome Giraffe Hat pattern provided specifically for Rosie’s Cozies.  For this round of donations, the theme is for zoo animal hats, so this was perfect!  (I attempted to make the pink newsie hat into a pig, but it failed so I just left it as is).  Most of the yarn I  used was not out of my Challenge Box, but hey, it’s still in my stash of yarn, so it counts.




To add a bit of flare, I also used the same eyelash yarn from last week’s project (which was out of my Challenge Box – yay!),


Purple Eyelash Yarn

Purple Eyelash Yarn


and gave this little guy a proper giraffe mohawk.






For those of you working on The Yarn Stash Project 2013, do you have charities for which you crochet?  Feel free to share in the comments – there are great ways to use your stash for GREAT things!


Slowly getting addicted to animal hats…



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