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The Yarn Stash Project: Week Five (Confessions)

The Yarn Stash Project: Week Five (Confessions)

The Yarn Stash Project: Week Five (Confessions)

I’m late to post.  But you know what?  Things happen.  Sometimes, you’re pregnant, or it’s snowy and you just want to hibernate, or you’d rather snuggle on the couch with your husband, or just do something else.  So it’s true:  I’m confessing, I pulled out allllllllll my Excuse Cards and played ’em.


Another confession?  My Challenge Box for The Yarn Stash Project is HARD.




It’s filled with Eyelash Yarn, which I may have complained talked about on a few occasions…




I’ve also got some cool looking Wool Yarn, but it isn’t good to use for Rosie’s Cozies projects, and it makes me sneeze so I have to be in the right mood (with tissues and hand sanitizer on hand) to dive in and make something.




Next up are the Miscellaneous Acrylic Yarns, which some of the softer ones are okay for preemie hats, but I’ll have to get a bit creative with a few of the colors (I’m lookin’ at you, Pukey Yellow-Green and Baby Poo Brown!)





And finally I come to the Unknown Fibers.  These will require all the creative juices I can muster.  All I can think of now is to lean towards some funky accessories, but other than that, I need to keep stewing it over.




So, I did in fact complete a project this week (it was on time, too!) made from my challenge box, but it’s a yarn you’ve seen (boooooo-riiiiiiing).




Isn’t this little piggy so cute?  This’ll be another one for my Rosie’s Cozies goal of TWENTY PREEMIE HATS (I’m up to three, booyah!), but I’ve got a ways to go.


You may ask, where does this leave things for next week?  I still have the same Challenge Box (filled with the same challenges), but I need to step up my game and think outside the box (yep, pun intended), while still thinking of ways I can make projects for Rosie’s Cozies.


If you think of fun things you’d like to see made out of yarn, feel free to comment below.  In the meantime, I’ll be thinking, thinking, thinking… and I’ll hopefully have something good for you by the time next Thursday rolls around!





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