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The White T-Shirt Experiment

The White T-Shirt Experiment

First of all – let’s tare off the band-aid and let you know the good news:  The H-G’s will be expecting their first child in December of this year!

In trying to think of creative ways to take belly pictures, an idea came to mind:  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how quickly I could grow out of my husband’s white undershirt?  We have both always been people of thin proportions, though I still find his shirts quite big on me.  So, here is how the experiment went:
  • One pregnant H-G (to be photographed)
  • One non-pregnant H-G (to be photographer)
  • One medium-sized Hane’s Comfort Soft White T-shirt (tagless, of course)

Results of weeks 8 – 11:
8 weeks

9 weeks

10 weeks

11 weeks
After several weeks of slipping on the white t-shirt, it’s been fun to see how things have changed.  But, I also grew tired of wearing an over-sized shirt for the sake of the experiment.  So, here are some more normal photos:
11 weeks – Trip to Nashville, TN

12 weeks – In the Backyard..
… and Backyard again.
Bye for now – will write again soon!

2 thoughts on “The White T-Shirt Experiment

  1. Jess Stabb

    This is literally the most exciting blog I’ve ever encountered. I’m soooo happy for both of you! I can’t believe you’re already showing. Yay! Congratulations again and I hope to visit you guys soon.

  2. The Miedemas

    I am so thankful that you have started a blog. I love your pictures. The title kind of reminds me of the Big Bang Theory only with your own experiment. Can’t wait to learn more. I look forward to your results.

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