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The Many Faces of Quincy

The Many Faces of Quincy

New Year’s Eve 2011 (10 Days Old)

One thing we have realized with being new parents, is children are ever changing.  Looking back through the different photos we’ve taken over the past two and a half weeks, Quincy has proven to be a growing boy, but also he has his only personality (and hilarious faces and noises).  We’ve had requests for more photos of Quincy, so instead of jamming everyone’s Facebook News Feed with tons of separate posts (at least for right now), we’ve opted to do a post on Quincy’s many faces.

You may notice that the majority of the photos are of him sleeping.  I’m sure we’ll have more open-eyed photos as he gets older, but he still spends a lot of his time sleeping.  Enjoy!

Bundled up for his first ride in the stroller

Blowing Bubbles – a necessary skill for newborns
Trains, Planes & Toes

You can guess what this face is from…


Calm & Content

Yawning, or… upset about minimal snow fall so far this year?

I pledge allegiance to the… guitar? 
Chillin’ in his sleeper bag – way cooler than a Snuggie

Mommy’s Little Monkey indeed.

We hope you all had a great start to your New Year; the H-G’s sure did!


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