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The Love Slouchy

The Love Slouchy

The Love Slouchy

It turns out, I have some wild and indecisive hair.  Is it curly?  Is it straight?  Naaaaaaah, it’s usually some kind of modulation between the two, although it never modulates in the direct in which I want it to go.  I regularly toss a coin to use a flat iron or curling gel with minimal success, but I have one beauty secret that has yet to fail me: my absolute favorite slouchy hat that I LOVELOVELOVE.  It goes great with stick straight or wildly curly hair, and has a casual fit that doesn’t leave a mark across my forehead if I happen to take it off.  Basically, it’s a game-changer for this busy mother and yarn addict.


The Love Slouchy pairs well with a miniaturized park supervisor.


Each year I make myself a new one (an important thing to do when you make eight bazillion hats for everyone else), and I’ve been growing in my collection.  And now, I’m ready to spread the love!  You’ll find oodles of these hats at my November sale, and to my crochet-loving-pals out there, I FINALLY have the pattern available for you!


My original design has a smooth braided look for the headband of the hat and requires a certain silky, medium-weight yarn.  You can also add a burst of creativity to the look by using several yarn colors for an awesome ombré look.  For a slightly chunkier and edgier look, you can make the ribbed-edging version and use a more classic worsted-weight yarn which looks especially awesome with a speckled or varied yarn color choice.




To purchase the patterns through my Etsy Shop, simply click on the pictures below to be directed to the specific pattern.




Do you have a hat that you LOVELOVELOVE?  What’s it like?  What makes it so awesome for you to slide on and have a spectacular day?


Counting down the days until hat weather,


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