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The Brother vs. Belly Battle

The Brother vs. Belly Battle

The Brother vs. Belly Battle


When pregnant with your second child, there’s always the debate of whether or not to do belly pictures.  The side by side comparisons are fun, and it’s good to keep up traditions for each of your kids, but it’s hard to find the time (and motivation) to do a weekly photo, post about it, and after a while it may look like your first preggo belly… it doesn’t seem to have quite the wow-factor as the first.


This time around, I thought I’d incorporate Big Brother Quincy in with the photos, and instead of seeing how quickly I could bust through another shirt (check out the White T-Shirt Experiment from when Quincy was in utero), I thought it would be fun to see who out-grew the other:  Would Baby HG2 grow with all his or her might, pressing the weight of my belly down enough to reach Quincy’s head, or would Quincy shoot up past the belly bottom and stand taller than his siblings resting place.  And thus the Brother vs. Belly Battle was created.


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