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The Big Mac Shelf & Other Pregnancy Perks

The Big Mac Shelf & Other Pregnancy Perks

A lot of pregnant women describe the woes of what happens to their bodies, and the affects that pregnancy hormones have on them – nausea, swollen feet, growing belly, dizziness, mood swings, etc.  However, there can be some great advantages to pregnancy.  Allow me to introduce you to Exhibit A, the Big Mac Shelf, pictured below.  Watching TV and having a difficult time holding your Big Mac while you eat?  Problem solved.

Exhibit A: The Big Mac Shelf

Another bonus to pregnancy is the Expectant Mother Parking.  Tired of driving around the mall parking lot, only to have to park in the furthest spot possible and walk?  Grab a pregnant lady and get a spot up close!

Exhibit B: Preggo Parking
One additional perk of pregnancy I want to mention is the encouragement that comes from friends and family.  At a baby shower recently, the guests were asked to fill in the blanks on a card showing their wishes for Baby H-G.  Here are a few I wanted to share with you…
  • I hope you aren’t afraid to be different
  • I hope you love a girl with all your heart
  • I hope you grow a beard (every man needs one someday)
  • I hope you aren’t afraid of the dark – it happens every 12 hours 🙂
  • I hope you grow into a loving man
  • I hope you ignore the little things that bug you
  • I hope you never forget your house key, because your mom won’t have it
  • I hope you respect the Red Wings
  • I hope you aren’t afraid to take chances
  • I hope that you know how much you are loved

So, for the preggers out there – what are the perks you’ve had during pregnancy?  And for everyone – in thinking about your wishes for the next generation, what would you write?

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