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The Best Advice I Can Give

The Best Advice I Can Give

The Best Advice I Can Give


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The only time I ever felt I knew what I was doing with parenting was before I was a parent.  How to get my future kids to sleep, to behave, to not wail in the grocery store, to eat all kinds of foods… I had it all laid out in my mind that I would be the best parent in the world and my kids would totally rock at everything in life.


Honestly, I think Brad and I are the best parents – for our kids.  And our kids do totally rock, but it’s definitely not anything like what my pre-parenting expectations thought things would be.




The Facebook Fast last month was good.  REALLY good.  I learned to stop scratching the itch to fill my time with everyone else’s life, and got a tad bit better about living my own.  I’m not very good at getting back to people about messages and such now, but I’m kind of relieved that I don’t have to answer everything the moment it comes to me.  And I’m trying my best to not begin sentences with, “did you read on Facebook that…”.  Social media is a wonderful way to stay in touch, as long as it isn’t taking you away from REAL life – the good, the bad, and the crazy – and supplementing that realness for a bird’s eye view of how other people are living.  I found it so easy to get sucked into just one more status update, one more article, one more piece of someone else’s life until I had no room for the itty bitty pieces that make up me and my family’s life.





I’ve been quiet on my little e-space here for a little while, but today I just felt like writing.  Usually, I’ve got a dozen ideas stewing in my brain, but this just isn’t one of those posts.  This is a hi-I’m-alive-and-wanted-to-share-a-thought-with-you kind of post.




So here is my thought:  I am not a wise mother who knows all things and has quick fixes to the difficulties of parenting, but I’m doing the best I can.  As Shakespeare said, “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”  Whether it’s the baby refusing bottles, toddler meltdowns from meals, teething, nap strikes, an eternal winter with no outside play, a sea of dirty laundry, or a sleepless night meeting up with a sleepless day, I may not have the Perfect Blog Post to fix all these things, but I have two awesome kids that know they are loved, and that is enough for me.





And that Best Advice I Could Like Ever, Ever Give You?  Look to yourself, because you are the best parent for your children, and your kids totally rock, too.


Foolishly without wisdom,



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