tugboat yarning


Hey There.


You’re probably reading this because you were gifted a cozy little cowl and there was a tiny little note on it that said to go to this site to read more…..




My name is Maggie (Hello, Nice To Meet You), and I designed this simple scarf a few years back when I was feeling mush-gushy-happy for the community of people that have looked out for me over the years as I wrote in this little e-space of mine.  Since sharing the pattern, I have crocheted triple digits of the Thankful Infinity Cowl for friends and strangers alike, and even more have been made by all kinds of people that like to tangle their fingers in yarn, too.  The only requirement I had in sharing the pattern, was that it be made “for someone in whom you are THANKFUL”.


So as you swoop the scarf around your neck and cozy up in its soft yarn, you should know that:

You are AWESOME.


You have made a DIFFERENCE in someone’s life.

And someone out there in this wild and whirling planet of ours is oh so very thankful for YOU.


No matter how your day goes, no matter what challenges you might be encountering, remember that you are cherished, and thought of, and LOVED.


Just thought you should know.




Pass on the thankfulness, K?