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Spirit Scarves

Spirit Scarves

Spirit Scarves

Maybe its road tripping with the family for my cousin’s graduation open house earlier this summer, or because my best friend graduated with her doctorate this Spring, or that we couldn’t help chanting USA-USA-USA for the World Cup, but I’ve been finding myself a bit nostalgic during this time of graduations, new beginnings, and cheering on ‘Merica in all the fervor of cleats, fouls, and goals.  Check out this little gem I found:


Look at how this photo just wreaks  of school spirit: jester hat, face paint, mascot t-shirt, handmade pants complete with iron-on lettering and a saucy elastic band… OH yeah, man.  I ROCKED those perfectly paired brown and gold colors.

Now over a decade later, I’m finding myself content with the years I’ve stashed under my belt – still not that much wiser, but content with the experiences I’ve had and what they’ve taught me.

As I’ve been attending open houses – not of kids I grew up with, but instead kids I watched grow up – I’ve been scheming of ways to encourage their school spirit as they look forward to their first year of college.  The new school year is fast approaching!

High school has a way of accumulating random crap that happens to be your school colors – minimal quality, but the perfect color all the same.  But college is a time of sophistication, finding peers that share your same unique passions, and cheering on a new team in a new place with new faces.

I was inspired by the scarves worn in Harry Potter (yes, I’m a GEEK and I like it) that so blazingly showed off the different house colors, but also wanted a modern twist to the solid striped colors.  Then I found this awesome Crochet Chevron Scarf Pattern, and I knew what to give as gifts to some of my favorite graduates.


You can’t go wrong with Harry Potter fashion and chevron.  It’s all the rage in Paris.  Or at least it should be.

Do you have a graduate heading off to a new school in the fall?  Or have a favorite team that you’d like to root for while wearing your Chevron-Harry-Potter-esque Spirt Scarf?  Order your custom Spirit Scarf here.  You can even use code SCHOOLISCOOL for free shipping on orders over thirty bucks until September 1st!


For those of you that are crafty with a crochet hook, simply follow the pattern referenced above, rotating each color every six rows, ending with 108 rows total.

Do you remember any spirit gear you wore to cheer on your school?  I’d love to see it if you got pictures, hehehe.

Go Team!


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