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Introducing: The Summer of Patterns

Introducing: The Summer of Patterns

Introducing: The Summer of Patterns


This past winter I did a lot of crocheting – fun projects, gifts for cool people, and experimented with a lot of yarn.  And what do I have to show for it?  Well, a lot of unique projects and a whole mess of scribbly notes that even I have trouble deciphering at times.  Instead of just hiding away my notes, I thought I would make an effort to post more of my patterns – both here on the blog, and some on Etsy, too.


Summer 2015 is officially June 21 until September 22, so that will be my timeframe to knock out a bunch of patterns.  For my yarnie friends out there, mark your calendars!  Or if you need a push and a shove to get moving on a creative project of your own, be sure to succumb to peer pressure and join the ranks of The Summer of Patterns.  Summer is still a month and a half away, but I wanted to get you all thinking about what you could do for this series ahead of time instead of doing every thing last minute.  You know, my usual gig. Ha!


The Summer of Patterns: Basic Guidelines

Duration: This series will span for thirteen weeks between June 21 and September 22, 2015.

Accountability: Each week you must post a completed pattern (or completed project, or goal for a huge project) and share with friends.

Stalk Others: Use #TYsummerofpatterns on Instagram or Facebook so you can share with all of us!

Bonus Points: Get inspired by using each of the themes listed below!  For example, week one you could post your favorite pattern about sharks, or week two you could post your nerd pattern about chemical compounds.




Stay tuned as we get closer to summer, and get thinking about what YOU can share with the other creative junkies out there!  (Especially if the thought of winning the Tugboat Yarning Awesomesauce Award has peaked your interest, mwuhahahahaha!)


Excited for summer,



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