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Friday Friend Feature: Samantha Overway

Friday Friend Feature: Samantha Overway

Friday Friend Feature: Samantha Overway

What happens when you take a tattooed, momma bear that brings life to thrift finds, dabbles in cloth diapering, and is secretly a mermaid… then toss her behind the lens of a camera?  You get my friend Samantha, the photographer behind Adventures of a Tattooed Mermaid, and Augusta Rae Photography.  You also get beautiful, powerful, perfect moments captured in photos that you treasure, and obsess over, and LOVE.  Case in point, the maternity photos she took during my final pregnancy.  It was a difficult pregnancy, but she gave me moments where I felt beautiful, and powerful, and courageous.  Here are some of my favorites:








Samantha is also one of the mommas that was pregnant with me while our last little babe was tumbling around in my belly.  (That means while I was struggling to get up from a seated position for the above photos, she was crouching down to get the perfect shot, and hiking through leaves, and pulling me up when I couldn’t do it myself!  And she was due five days before me!)  I don’t know about all of my momma friends out there, but I can distinctly remember the mothers that were pregnant with me for each of my pregnancies.  There is a bondedness that comes with sharing pregnancy.  They are the people you text pregnancy anecdotes to, or gush about birth stories, or message random things in the middle of the night because you know they’ll read it at some point while nursing or pumping or just doing middle of the night mom things.  She is one of my people, and I love seeing her littlest babe grow up just like my littlest babe.  Read on to learn more about Samantha and her passions…



BIO:  I am Samantha Overway, I live with my husband, bonus daughter, daughter, two dogs and a cat.  Manufacturer by day, photographer by night.


CRAFT:  I am a photographer! I have a passion for lifestyle photography, and documenting the beauty in the every day.



LOVES: I love my family, a good thrift store find, anything mermaid themed.  I love coffee and curling up with a good book.



LAUGHS: Right now my six month old baby makes me laugh!  She is just learning to play games and likes to be silly and is a constant source of amusement for our family.


ADVENTURES OF A TATTOOED MERMAID & AUGUSTA RAE PHOTOGRAPHY: People will see my art.  I hope they see how I see the world through my lens.  The beauty of a moment captured in time.




GOALS: I hope that I inspire other people!  I am constantly being inspired by other artists!  I love being a part of such a wonderful photography community that uplifts, supports, and inspires each other constantly.


CONNECT:  You can follow my lifestyle photography page, Adventures of a Tattooed Mermaid on Facebook, and my other photography page, Augusta Rae Photography on Facebook and on Instagram @augustaraephotography.



I don’t know if you caught the golden tone in some of the photos Sam took.  I never knew the term Golden Hour until we met up for her to take photos.  Do you see that richness of light pouring through the photos?  She not only can capture moments with that golden vibe, but I think it’s very symbolic of who Samantha is.  If you’re local, seriously check her out.  Schedule your next photo session with her, it’ll be an awesome adventure and you’ll come away with it having new favorite moments captured for a lifetime to enjoy.

Savoring the golden moments,


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