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ROAR! I’ve Got a Tie!

ROAR! I’ve Got a Tie!

I’ve gotten a HUGE kick out of making these Dinosaur/Dragon Hats, and Tie Onsies!  I’ll be mild on the commentary this time, and just stick to the pictures.

Dinosaur Hat!

Round 1 of Tie Onesies
Rehearsal Dinner Tie

Wedding Tie

Round 2 of Tie Onesies
Baptism & Dedication Tie

Fiery Dragon Hat!

The ties are great for formal events for this little dude, while the dragon or dinosaur hat will not only keep you warm, but also defend you from bigger predators (one of my biggest concerns these days).  And speaking of dinosaurs, check out this roaring little guy:

Quincy’s Story: Chapter 2 from Brad Haveman-Gould on Vimeo.

Formal Roar!

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