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DIY: PomPom Garland

DIY: PomPom Garland

DIY: PomPom Garland


I recently hosted a baby shower for my best friend, Megan.  Part of the decorations included a simple pompom garland that I made in the colors of her nursery.  I figured it would be a cute accent for the party, and if she happened to want them for the nursery, she could keep them.  If not, I would use them around the house or for future parties.  Much to my honor, she kept them to adorn her sweet baby girl’s room!  Want to make one like it?  Here’s how!




DIY: PomPom Garland


  • Worsted Weight Acrylic Yarn
  • Thin Hemp Cord
  • 5cm Diameter PomPom Maker, I used Yarnology® brand from Hobby Lobby
  • Scissors & Measuring Tape




1. Determine length of garland based on where you want to hang it, and how loose or tight you want it draped.

2. Measure hemp cord to desired length, then add at least 12” before cutting. The extra cord will be for making loops on the ends for hanging the garland.

3. Make your pompoms by following the directions of your pompom maker. Be sure to leave two long tails after finishing the pompoms so you can attach them to the hemp cord. This is how mine worked:

DIY-pompommaker1 DIY-pompommaker2

4. Place pompoms every 5-8 inches. I measured mine to be 6 inches apart.

5. When attaching to the hemp cord, loosely tie the pompom and slide onto the hemp cord before double-knotting into place.

6. Tie a loop on each end of the hemp cord.

7. Use curtain rod ends or pick up simple adhesive plastic hooks to hang your garland.




Pretty awesome, right?  It took some time to wrap and cut and tie and repeat, but it was well worth it for the results!  I’m envisioning more of these for future celebrations.


Happy Pompoming!


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