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The Perfect Untimely Sale

The Perfect Untimely Sale

The Perfect Untimely Sale

In about two months, I will transform into a Crazed Yarn Lady, spitting yarn scraps from my mouth, living on minimal sleep, and drinking more cups of coffee than blinking throughout the day.  Just kidding – I’m already that lady!  But seriously. Come October and November, I will become a Craft Sale Prepping Monster.  Google it.  And then you’ll find it’s not a thing, but it should be a thing.


So I’m gonna do a sale to reward you for ordering hats when I’m NOT totally losing my mind.  A sale that is oddly timed for you, but perfectly timed for me. Pluuuuuuuuuuus, you’d totally have autumn and winter hats before it’s cold out, instead of needing a hat when you’re already two weeks deep into a coldspell.  I’m just saying: PLANNING AHEAD IS FOR WINNERS!


Here are the details…

  1. Pick one of my top selling hats (or more, no pressure)
  2. Tell me size
  3. Tell me color(s)
  4. Give me an email address so I can send you an invoice
  5. Pay your invoice
  6. Receive your hat in about a month
  7. Wear your new most favorite hat around town and get oodles of complements!


And just to state the obvious:  These are SALE prices, so you are getting a GOOD DEAL.  There are six hats that are part of the sale, ranging from $15 to $25 each.  Check them out!




To order, simply email me at TUGBOATYARNING@GMAIL.COM or message me through my Facebook Page.  Orders are being accepted now through August 15, 2017.


Thank you in advance for planning ahead if you want a hat this year.  And for supporting my yarn addiction…. errrr my handmade business!


Current Crazed Yarn Lady Status: MILD.


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