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Friday Friend Feature: Molly Madonna

Friday Friend Feature: Molly Madonna

Friday Friend Feature: Molly Madonna

A few years ago I’m at this random Halloween kid party with my first munchkin, who happens to be dressed up as the Baby Stig, and I’m regretting my choice for his costume.  No one seems to know what he is, I’m awkwardly stammering, “it’s a race car driver?  Like in Britain?  Yeah, like a British race car driver?” saying it more as questions because at that point I’m not even sure if I have it right.   I’m thinking I should have gone for something more obvious, when one of the other moms I’ve never met says to me, “That’s awesome.  My husband would love that costume.  Top Gear, right?”  And that’s how I met Molly and immediately developed a total girl-crush on her.


Turns out we had a lot in common – writing and blogging, bravery despite pregnancy loss, coffee obsessions, favorite breakfast joints, and even our daughters are both named Eloise.  When we meet up, it’s usually disguised as a play date so we can toss our kids all together in one space and then I selfishly soak in the conversation with her like a desperate, dried-out sponge.  If ever you get the chance to talk with Molly, you’ll see she has this beautiful baseline of faith.  Even when things are tough, and challenges just keep spearing forward, she still is able to buoy up on her faith.  And in those sips of conversations amidst the kids playing, she has this way of opening up this little door to her heart where you slide in and make yourself cozy.  She is a safe space, an honest heart, and a wonderful friend.  Wanna see more?  Well here’s a further glimpse at Molly:



MOLLY: Blogger. Doula. Honest-Cozy-Heart.


BIO:  I’m Molly, wife to Jason and stay-at-home mama to Henry (5) and Eloise (2.75). I’m pregnant with the baby bean, arriving in September. We live in West Michigan and love calling it home. I am also a doula (birth assistant) and freelance writer, both of which I do sparingly these days as life permits.


CRAFT:  I am a writer, working to document life with our little ones with the hope of leaving a written legacy and inspiring others to do the same. I have a book slowly in the works, but the process is teaching me patience as I prioritize mommy hood and home in this season.


LOVES:  I love being a mama, and I love everything pregnancy and birth. Supporting families in labor and delivery is always a humbling honor. I also love yoga, good coffee, days at the beach, worship and music, traveling to new places and spending time outside (or anywhere, really) with my family.


LAUGHS:  Our kiddos, daily. My husband. Jimmy Fallon.


MOLLYMADONNA.COM:  I’m currently in the midst of a 100 day series leading up to my due date with the bean. I write about our life with little ones, my journey as a mom, and how God is moving in my heart. Hopefully, people who visit will find camaraderie and a soft place to land.




GOALS:  Gah, this is a tough one. I hope I inspire people to give themselves grace and to offer it to others, too. I hope people are more attracted to Christ after we’ve met (although I know I miss the mark a lot). And I hope I encourage moms to feel empowered in pregnancy, birth, and parenting – there’s no one right way to approach any of these areas, but it matters to me that a mom feels empowered to make the choices she feels are best for herself and her family. Every mama deserves the right to be her children’s biggest advocate…from two pink lines until they fly the nest. 🙂


CONNECT:  MollyMadonna.com, @mollymadonna for Instagram, and Facebook.




Have you joined in on my girl-crush-on-molly yet?  I hope so.  Be sure to check out her website so you can feel that baseline of faith and cozy up in her heart as she shares honest bits of her journey.


Enjoying the cozy,


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