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Friday Friend Feature: Jessiana Arman

Friday Friend Feature: Jessiana Arman

Friday Friend Feature: Jessiana Arman

Have you ever met someone and you instantly thought: Dang.  They are just COOL.  This was my immediate reaction upon meeting Jessiana.  The nuts and bolts of our introduction is that she’s my sister’s sister, so I lucked out in getting to know this Cali girl when our families got lumped together in a lovey-squishy pile.  She’s got this flowy, breezy vibrancy about her.  And she LAUGHS.  I’ve realized that there are laughers and there are non-laughers in life, and she’s one of the greats because she is generous with her smiles and laughter.  I find after hanging out with her that I feel a little more filled, a little more smiley, a little more happy in my soul.  Jessi is also a freakishly talented artist, as you’ll see with the pieces shared below.  Here’s some more about Jessi so you can fill up your soul, too:


Benicio Del Toro & Jessi

Benicio Del Toro & Jessi


BIO: My name is Jessiana Arman, I go by Jessi or Jessiana. I like to think Jessiana sounds more spicy, so that’s the name I sign my paintings with!  I just turned 25, I have a dreamboat of a boyfriend and a brand new puppy named Benicio Del Toro. Three days a week I get the privilege to watch my beautiful niece and the other two days I paint!


Progress & Completed Friend Portrait


CRAFT: Painting is my craft. I use oil paints as well as acrylic. I specialize in realist portrait painting but occasionally dabble in landscape, still life, and abstract.


Jessi and her boyfriend Anthony

Jessi and her boyfriend Anthony dressed as Frida Kahlo & Salvador Dalí


LOVES: I absolutely love surprises. I think it’s my love language. My most recent client had me paint her a portrait of her grandmother for her mom as a surprise gift and I heard that there were gasps and happy tears when she opened it. GASPS AND HAPPY TEARS. Now that’s a successful surprise that makes me love what I do. I also love all things from Latin America. It started when I was very young when I believed I was Mexican (no matter what my family told me) and was obsessed with Frida Kahlo, Shakira, and salsa (the dip and the dance).


In Memory of Grandma Nieves


LAUGHS: MEMES! I am a sucker for a good meme. Or a whole page of memes. I also can’t handle funny kid videos (meltdowns/troublemakers/heartfelt responses/written notes…) They get me real good.


JESSIANA ART: This business venture is fairly new so I am still working to get a website up. Right now, I use Instagram and Facebook to post pictures of my paintings. There people will find a variety of portraits and an abstract piece. I have a few paintings commissioned for this upcoming year that I am very excited about that include a large family portrait, an engagement painting as well as a beach painting. I also have some openings, so don’t hesitate to email me if you have an idea you would love to see painted!


The Mauriello Family


Abstract, system painting using sheet music for a couple’s first dance


GOALS: I hope to inspire people to do things that make their soul happy! Whether that’s to make a career out of it or if that’s to make a little time for it each week. I was so intimidated to quit my full-time job and pursue my dream of painting. Yet as soon as I made that decision, things started to fall into place. I was offered the priceless gift of spending time with my niece three days a week, which opened the time and the means to be able to start my business. I felt a new sense of joy and purpose in doing what I love and also in giving my clients paintings of people they love! I am very very blessed.


CONNECT: Find me on Instagram @jessianaart, and you can email me at jessianaart@gmail.com!




Can you believe her talent?  And am I the only one thinking as to how I could find sheet music to some of my favorite songs?!  I hope you’ve felt that breezy, flowing vibrancy that oozes out of Jessi.  Be sure to follow her Instagram to see her latest pieces!


Feeling filled and vibrant,

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