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Hey Friends, Let’s Share!

Hey Friends, Let’s Share!

A while back, I mentioned that I have crafting urges from time to time, and am especially a fan of yarn and yarn related projects.  Instead of typing tons of words to tell you all about why I love making things, I thought I’d just share some photos of some of my recent projects, in no particular order…

Bow Tie Bunny – Notre Dame Colors {For Baby B.}
Giraffe & Bow Tie Bunny – Mustard Yellow & Medium Blue {For Baby I.}

Guess How Much I Love You Bunny {For Baby F.}

Ladybug Slippers & Newsie Hat {For Baby F.}

Sailboat Beanie Hat {For Quincy}

Crocheted Blooms (my pattern found here)
Mrs. Giraffe {For Baby K.}
Mr. & Mrs. Giraffe {For Baby K.}
Momma Slippers {for Momma N.}

Spring/Summer Wreath {For the H-G Front Door}

Teal & Grey Giraffe {For Baby L.}

I need to point out that I only made the circles for these pillows on this next project.  My friend, Kristin, made these beautiful pillow covers and wanted to add a few crocheted circles for a splash of color.  Didn’t they turn out great?!

Crocheted Circles for Pillows
Great layout & design, Kristin!

Special thanks to my friend, Megan, for working on these sewing projects with me… (I love Meg/Mag Time!)

Baby Shoes {For Baby K.}

Two Yards of Fabric, plus…
One Old Shirt Pulled from the Goodwill Pile, equals…
A New Summer Dress with Matching Sash! (tutorial here)

This next project I have to explain a little bit (obviously, if you’ve already peeked ahead at the pictures!)  I had seen a pattern of a bearded beanie for children on Pinterest, and purchased it through Etsy (find the pattern here).  I had intended to make one for Quincy, because – let’s face it – it’d be adorable.  Well, it turned out to be huge.  So I put it on, and took a few photos.  Don’t I make a manly lumberjack?!

Excited Lumberjack Maggie

Happy Lumberjack Maggie

Pensive Lumberjack Maggie
Now, my question for you is: Got anything you’re working on?  This doesn’t have to be limited to yarn and fabric.  Do you do wood-working, glass-blowing, or design your own lampshades?  Share in the comments below!  I (and the few dozen followers of this Life, Hyphenated blog) would love to hear about it!
May your life be filled with creativity,

2 thoughts on “Hey Friends, Let’s Share!

  1. Jamie

    LOTS of little projects for the nursery! I’ve been making stuff for baby Knap’s photo shoots too. 🙂
    I love the beard hat… cracked me up! You definitely need to make one for Quincy!! I used your flower pattern for headbands I gave to a coworker. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Magg H-G

      You’ve been super busy, Jamie! I love how everything looks in your nursery 🙂 And yes, definitely need to make a bearded had for Quincy; it’d be AWESOME.

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