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Holiday Hat Ordering Guidelines

Holiday Hat Ordering Guidelines

Holiday Hat Ordering Guidelines

Want to know what gets me super pumped?  Messages that start with, “Do you think you could make me a…” or, “My daughter would love to have a…”  The fun part about being a crochet and general yarn addict is being able to put that obsession to good use and make stuff for other people.  I’ve had a bunch of people contact me recently about making hats for their kids, their friends, and random family members that need something awesome and unique, so I thought I’d put together a simple guideline for some of the basic hats I make.  Also, be sure to look at the bottom of this post to find out the full details for my upcoming sale taking place this Friday, December 4, and Saturday December 5 in Grand Haven, Michigan.  I hope to see you there!



The sizes I use are based on general age sizing, but be sure to pull out a measuring tape to make sure you get the perfect fit!  Sizes are as follows:


  • 0-3 Months: 12 – 14″ Head Circumference
  • 6-12 Months: 15-17″ Head Circumference
  • 12-24 Months: 18-19″ Head Circumference
  • 2-4 Years: 19-20″ Head Circumference
  • Child, Medium: 20-21″ Head Circumference
  • Women’s Small: 21.5″- 22″ Head Circumference
  • Women’s Medium/Men’s Small: 22.5″ – 23″ Head circumference
  • Women’s Large/Men’s Medium: 23.5″ – 24″ Head Circumference
  • Men’s Large: 25″ Head Circumference



The most common hat styles that I make are beanies, aviators, and earflaps.


  • Beanies are hats that are straight across at the bottom
  • Aviators have ear coverings that hang down over both ears
  • Earflap hats are just like aviators except they also have braided tassels hanging down from the ear coverings



The possibilities for colors in a hat are endless, but I’ll just focus on the main parts where you can select colors.  Obviously, your style of hat and any added features you have will effect your color selections, so keep that in mind when picking colors, too!  Here are areas to look at when deciding colors:TY-HatColors1

  • Main Base Color: The main portion of your hat
  • Trim: In a beanie hat, this would be the bottom  edge, while in an aviator or earflap hat it would be the bottom edge including around the ear coverings.
  • Braided Tassels: This only applies to an earflap hat, but you can select either one color for the tassels, or three colors for each braided section for a multi-colored look.
  • Stripes/Added Feature/Appliqué: This all depends on any designs you want on your hat and how you’d like the colors to look.



Again, the possibilities for what you want on your hat are endless, but I’ll just point out some of the most popular features.  These include:


  • Animal Features: Ears (cat, fox, bunny, bear…), dinosaur spikes, shark fin, etc.
  • Appliqué: This would be any design sewn onto the hat like hearts, cupcakes, initials or letters, footballs, flowers, etc.
  • Stripes: Kind of obvious, but trading off between a main color and an accent color in stripes down the hat.


Now that you know how to order your own hat(s), you should come see some of the hats I’ve already made in person at my sale this weekend!  Here are the details:


WHERE: Grand Haven Community Center, 421 Columbus Avenue, Grand Haven, Michigan, 49417 (view their site here)

WHEN: Friday, December 4, 2015, 10:00am – 6:00pm and Saturday, December 5, 2015 10:00am – 3:00pm

WHAT: The 42nd Annual Christmas Arts & Craft Show

WHY: Awesome handmade items from a variety of vendors, fresh holiday wreaths, and food for purchase!

COST: Just $1 donation for entry


Happy Holidays!



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