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H-G Hope Baby: Gwil, Neigh, or Bwudder?

H-G Hope Baby: Gwil, Neigh, or Bwudder?

H-G Hope Baby: Gwil, Neigh, or Bwudder?

Today was Ultrasound Day.  The day that previously I have been over the moon excited, itching to see a glimpse at baby and find out the big question of boy or girl.  But this time was different.  Long gone are the rose colored glasses of innocence, so I found myself a giant ball of anxiety the week leading up to this appointment, waiting for the bad news to come.  Ultrasounds have taken on a new meaning for me since the miscarriage we faced earlier this year.  But I got up, chugged a bunch of water, and then savored the taste of a fully caffeinated Starbucks Frappuccino (a trick a friend shared with me when I was pregnant with my first) to ensure baby was moving and would be helpful in showing every angle at the screening.  It always makes for an entertaining ultrasound when they’re especially squirmy, too.  We tossed some acrylic paints in my purse to be used later with the kids, and then headed off to the big appointment, my nerves a mess but still hopeful.


Ultrasound Day Prep

Ultrasound Day Prep


After a great deal of prayers, and memories of last night’s blubbery confessions of the terror that wracked my brain for the appointment, we thankfully had a perfectly healthy baby at the ultrasound with all the right measurements, and all the right parts in all the right places.  Can I tell you how much of a weight was lifted from my shoulders?  That we  didn’t have to go back and tell everyone anything bad, but instead could release ourselves into the giddiness of pregnancy with a healthy baby?  Well it was overwhelming in all the good ways.


Brad and I are pumped – this kid is gonna be awesome just like the other H-G Munchkins that have come before them.  I’m sure there is a handful of you out there thinking, “yeah, yeah, the baby is healthy and all, but what IS IT?  I came looking for some answers, not a confession of anxiety and caffeine intake!”  The kids were just as excited to find out – especially since Quincy thought it would be a “bwudder” (brother) and definitely not a “gwil” (girl), while Eloise the clever one would say it was for sure going to be a baby, quite possibly a “neigh” (horse).  So boy, girl, or horse?  Below you will find some photos my wonderful friend Jessica took for us of the kids picking out either pink or blue paint, and marking their new sibling to share the big news.




Color Disclaimer: We are succumbing to the social tradition that pink represents girl, and blue represents boy.  However, I fully believe that colors do not need to define gender – especially since gender isn’t necessarily an issue of just two colors.  There is so much more to our identities.  This all comes from a gal who greatly dislikes the color pink.  If there is anything in my wardrobe that smells of magenta or pale rose, there’s a story to it.  Just like Quincy’s favorite color was pink for a while, maybe because he didn’t see much of that color around him?  So yes, girlie pink and boyish blue is what we’re using, but don’t hold the world to just two simple colors.









Thank you to everyone that has been lifting us up in prayers throughout this pregnancy.  They are felt and so needed.  We were excited to  be able to tell the kids they were both right – it was a bwudder and still a baby, and look forward to when we can introduce him to his siblings in person next February.


One more bwudder in the mix,

~The H-G Clan

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  1. Megan

    I’m so glad to hear it is not a horse! Congrats on the baby boy!!! I’m so happy for you guys, especially after your heartbreak. Wishing you ask the best.

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