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First Trimester Perspectives

First Trimester Perspectives

First Trimester Perspectives

I’ve been in a reminiscing kind of  mood lately… (if you missed my Awkwardsauce Confessional, it’s slightly entertaining).  I’m going to continue the reflections of the past, tipping now into the beginnings of Motherhood.


Do you remember the days of First Trimester?  Whether you’re new to the scene, remember those weeks with fondness, or try your hardest to forget them, I thought I would give a bit of perspective through the eyes (and in some cases the nose) of a pregnant woman.


Ever notice at the grocery store how they have produce bags near the meat?



You may be thinking, How clever!  You can keep your meat in the bag to prevent it from leaking onto other food in the cart!  However, in the eyes of a First Trimester Nauseated Woman, these bags are to catch whatever contents remain in your stomach after glancing over the variety of chopped and ground up meat and poultry.  Raw meat is THE WORST.  (Hey, I love me a burger and fries or a plate of steak and potatoes, but this lady won’t go near raw stuff – and sometimes cooked stuff – during First Trimester.)


If you’d rather not spill your guts, I’ve found it helpful to follow strangers around the grocery store that have good smelling cologne or perfume to dispel the urge to fill a meat bag with my stomach contents, or whisper mantras under my breath such as, “just don’t puke, just don’t puke, just don’t puke”.  A grocery store can be a dangerous place for First Trimesterees.


Yet another danger zone, at least in my experience, is the coffee maker.  I for one am normally a coffee addict.  There’s something about a warm mug in your hand, the soft, aromatic steam pouring into your nostrils as you lean in for a sip, and the delicious taste of coffee (and cream or sugar, depending how you doctor it) that is so comforting.  But when in the throes of first trimester, it’s a different story. 



And why, you ask, would I be writing about The First Trimester when it has been nearly two years since I last began its journey?  Well, I shall respond:

Because I have just completed my second First Trimester.

 And for those of you that need a more blunt declaration:


Baby HG2 is on his or her way.


We’ve got a bun in the oven.


This momma is eating for two.


I am pregnant.


And to answer the obvious questions:

Planned?  Yes.

Surprised?  A bit.

Excited?  Of course!

Terrified? Of course, of course!

Due Date? August 31st

Symptoms? Severe headaches, splash of nausea, and some entertaining dizzy spells; Surprisingly different from the first time around.


More updates on Baby HG2, and reminiscing about Baby HG1, so stay tuned!


Ever more rotundly yours,





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