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Facebook Fast February 2014

Facebook Fast February 2014

Facebook Fast February 2014


Alright, Friends, it has come to the point where Facebook is slowly stealing my soul.  Do you know the feeling?  I love how it can be used to read encouraging posts and articles, arrange meet-ups, and ask for advice on whatever topic can fill a status update.  But I’m tired of getting invites to play Candy Crush, or reading through my feed and realizing I just lost 10 minutes from my day and my children were ignored the entire time.  Checking Facebook is consuming my life and I have to take a little break to gain some of it back!  Yes, I’m cheating by picking the shortest month in the year, but baby steps, right?!


Beginning February 1st, I won’t be checking in, updating, or posting anything.  I’ve decided to keep my personal and Tugboat Yarning accounts active, but all profile and cover pictures will be updated with spooky, dark pictures with only my contact information (should you find you want to still contact me!)  I’ll even be deleting the app from my phone – wow!  We’ll see if in March I jump back on the band wagon – hopefully with a better approach than I currently have – , but either way I need to be in a healthier state of social media before I re-commit.


I still hope to be posting on this little e-space of mine, so if you’d like to get an email when a new post is added, be sure to add your email to the list!  No other spam will come to you – just an email alerting you to a new post.  If you’re using your web browser, simply look to the side for this section:


Otherwise, email me at tugboatyarning [at] gmail [dot] com and let me know you want to be added.  You will receive an email confirming you’d like to be subscribed and how to approve the subscription.


Farewell, Facebook Friends.  Maybe I’ll see you in March!


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