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Evil Eye Appliqué Crochet Pattern

Evil Eye Appliqué Crochet Pattern

Evil Eye Appliqué Crochet Pattern

It’s time for action.  It’s time for the violence to stop.  It’s time to speak up and speak out for the safety of our children, for our teachers, for our schools, and for the generations yet to come.


In conjunction with the March for Our Lives campaign started by students affected by the Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting in Florida, there is a movement to bring about awareness to gun violence and how we can take steps to stop it.  Students and families will be marching on March 24, 2018, taking “to the streets of Washington, DC to demand that their lives and safety become a priority” (this is from their mission statement).

To support the marchers, you can do a lot of things.  One of them is to use your knitting, crocheting, or sewing skills to make Evil Eye Gloves for them to wear for the march.  The Evil Eye has been a token used in different cultures to represent protection, warding off evil, and standing boldly in the face of fear.  Sliding on these gloves, with palms raised, the evil eye takes on a heavier symbolism: holding up ones hands in an act of “hands up, don’t shoot!”, and also showing eyes that see.  Eyes that recognize the fear and pain and lost innocence in the wake of violence found in our schools and communities.



For the gloves I will be donating to the cause, I used this free pattern from Two Little C’s blog called Simple Fingerless Gloves for the Whole Family.  Then I made my own evil eye appliqué pattern, which I will share below, along with supplies needed for the whole project.



  • Worsted Weight Yarn, I Love This Yarn® Acrylic
    • Main Glove: “Light Grey”
    • Eye Ball: “White”
    • Outline: “Black”
    • Iris: “Royal”
  • Crochet Hook Size H
  • Darning Needle (for weaving in ends)


  • r = row
  • ch = chain
  • st = stitch
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • *instructions* = repeat around


Eyeball & Outline

Begin with white yarn

R1: ch 2, in second ch from hook crochet [4 sc’s, 2 dc’s, 4 sc’s, 2 dc’s] all in that chain and sl st to first st to join (12).

R2: ch 1, 1hdc in first 5 st’s, 2 dc’s in next, 1hdc in next 5 st’s, 2 dc’s in next, sl st to first st (14).

R3: ch 1, 1sc, 2sc, 1sc, 2sc, 2hdc, 2dc, 2hdc, 2sc, 1sc, 2sc, 1sc, 2hdc, 2dc, 2hdc, sl st to first st (24).

Change to black yarn

R4: ch 1, *1sc in first two st’s, 2sc in next*, sl st to first st and finish with a long tail ~20” (32).



Using blue yarn

R1: ch 2, 8 sc’s in 2nd ch from hook, sl st to first (8).

R2: do not ch, 2 sc’s in each st around (16).

R3: do not ch, *1 sc in first st, 2 sc’s in 2nd*, finish with long tail (32).


Attaching to Gloves

Using long tail of iris, sew the iris to the center of the white eyeball.

Using long tail of black outline, sew eye to the inside palm of your glove, then continue with the same black yarn to stitch short lines emanating from the eye out all the way around. Finish off and sew in ends.


Permission to Use this Pattern

You may use this pattern for personal or commercial use, and frankly, you can print it and share it with whomever you like. Please don’t take my photos though – take your own!  For further shipping information, be sure to check out Krista Sue’s website (the founder of the pussyhat project, and now this evil eye gloves project) to find out where and how to ship the gloves.  Also be sure to find updates with www.marchforourlives.com to learn more about this amazing movement and the power of handmade! Thank you!


Make Note: They are collecting gloves until March 24th when the march takes place.


Other ways to support the movement are:


Enough is enough.  Let’s act.


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