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Friday Friend Feature: Emily Erftenbeck

Friday Friend Feature: Emily Erftenbeck

Friday Friend Feature: Emily Erftenbeck

It’s Friday again.  And that means I get to show off another friend of mine!  This time around, I’m cheating a little bit, because Emily is not only my friend, but also my cousin.  Our family likes to sprinkle themselves all over the US, so growing up it was a real treat to see her and her sisters.  I remember counting down the school days until we’d leave on a Friday afternoon, driving down a few hours, and then it was a weekend of play as kids, then listening to music and talking about boys as we grew older.  Nowadays it would take a plane ride for us to have a weekend together, but Emily’s still got a little chunk of my heart with her.  You see, she’s got this love bubble around her.  Is that a thing?  If it isn’t, I believe I’ve just given a name to something beautiful that you should seek in your own relationships.  When you’re with Em, she’s got this Love Bubble, as I said, that just circles around you and you feel, well, loved.  It starts with a sweet smile that softens up into her eyes, and whatever the topic – kids, travels, life – she drinks up your story and you feel like the best read book in town.  She is encouraging, she is creative, she is lovely.  And when it comes to her art, that same love and encouragement emanates from her pieces.  Here’s more on Emily:


BIO:  My name is Emily Erftenbeck, and I recently opened up an Etsy for my artistic endeavors called Matriarch Heirlooms. I currently live the “tiny house/space” life in California with my fur baby, Mini, who is arguably one of cuddliest cats in existence. My main day gig is hanging out with dozens of dogs and getting lots of slobbery kisses, which can make Mini jealous. I also am a part time nanny to an awesome and full of life seven year old girl. We do lots of nature related excursions and projects as well as lots of art, of course. 🙂


Emily & Mini


CRAFT:   I am a bit ADD when it comes to my art. I really love all mediums and forms, from photography to ceramics, pastels, painting of all kinds, jewelry fabrication, I really like it all. Right now I am focusing more on the ceramic, sculpting, and jewelry fabrication side of things.


LOVES:  I love the outdoors, exploring new places, children’s honesty, animal’s unconditional love, having the freedom to create what comes from my imagination and/or heart, my sisters, all kinds of art forms, singing, dancing, listening to music, this list could go on and on.




LAUGHS:  Children’s brutal honesty, my sisters, nature’s brilliance.



Some of Emily’s Handcrafted Pieces



MATRIARCH HEIRLOOMS:  On my Etsy you will find a wide selection of hand made crystal and gemstone jewelry ranging from necklaces, earrings, arm bands, and rings. You can also find ceramic pieces all hand fabricated by myself. I don’t use molds, so each of my pieces will have their own unique touch and glazing pattern.



GOALS:  I’m not exactly sure how other people see me or are inspired by me, but my hope is that they are inspired by me for following my creative passion, even if it means being labeled a “starving artist” in some people’s eyes, I don’t see it as that. I hope people can see that I am following my heart when it comes to my passion of love and empathy for animals, art, and inspiring children to find their inner voice and inspiration. Maybe one day it will inspire some one else to follow their heart even if it is not where the pressures of society are telling them to go.


CONNECT:  Instagram @MatriarchHeirlooms, and Matriarch Heirlooms on Etsy.

Can you imagine some of those beautiful pieces on yourself or some lovely women that you know?  I can.  Be sure to follow her Etsy shop so you can see her latest creations, and spread some of that love to you and the lovelies in your life.
In the Love Bubble,

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