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Crap I’ve Mad

Crap I’ve Mad

Crap I’ve Mad

The title of this post doesn’t have a spelling error – well, I guess this time it’s an intentional error at least.  I don’t have time to add silly little letters to words so that I can fully be understood, or un-auto-correct my words so that I am actually making sense.  You see, I’m in the chaotic season of nursing an infant, chasing a toddler, tripping over the toys I swear I just picked up, forgetting to eat, realizing I haven’t peed in seven hours, and having the urge to laugh-cry-myself-silly until the craziness is all emptied out.


I’ve been relieving some of the craziness by making lists.  Lists of lists.  Lists of lists that start dating other lists, marry said lists, and make adorable baby lists.  Baby lists that leaving droppings of lists all over the floor that I step in and think of new lists to write.


But I digress.  I’ve had hopes of writing oodles of things on this blog, especially some of the fun projects I’ve been working on, but I haven’t had the time.  Instead, I wrote a list which was supposed to be Things I’ve Made Recently, but in my bleary-eyed haze of motherhood, it came out as Crap I’ve Mad.




I refused to go back and add that little E on the end – it just wasn’t worth my time.  So without further ado, here is some crap I’ve mad(e):



Toddler Tossable Balls (find my pattern here!)



More colors for the Thankful Cowl  (find my Etsy listing here to purchase yours!)



My very own Hook House to hold all TWELVE of my crochet hooks!


Crocheted Horse Hat (don’t you just love the bangs?)


Maggie’s Crochet Beanie (Find my pattern here!)



Appliqué T-shirts for Quincy


I’ve also been kind of obsessed with ombré…


Teal Slouchy Ombré Beanie


Teal Ombré Beanie, + Pink Teddy Bear Coated Infant


Purple Ombré Beanie

Beyond hoping to post more to this blog, I’m also hoping to add additional items to the ol’ Etsy shop before the holidays are upon us.  However, considering next week is Thanksgiving (WHAT-THE-WHAT?!), I’m not certain how successful I will be.


Still working on emptying out the crazy,



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    1. Maggie H-G Post author

      Hi Lucie! I found some photos of horse hats through Etsy, and then kinda winged it. I *think* I wrote down notes somewhere, so let me see if I can find them! ~Maggie H-G

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