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BvB Battle Update 1: The Peekaboo Belly

BvB Battle Update 1: The Peekaboo Belly

BvB Battle Update 1: The Peekaboo Belly

FINALLY, an update on the Brother vs. Belly Battle.  Yes, it has been a bit of a wait (especially since I’m approaching the half-way mark), but I promise I could give you a whole long list of glorious excuses as to why I haven’t posted until now.  But I’ll skip all that, and jump to the meat of the action!


I think I was a bit naive in thinking this time around the photoshoot would be an easy one.  It turns out that when you add in a wiggly toddler, a husband who has an erratic work schedule, and a “before bedtime” deadline, it makes taking the photos a bit more challenging.  Cue the wiggly toddler:





Not to mention Quincy is just as photogenic as his mom…



But, challenges aside, here’s where we stand in the battle:


Is it just me, or do they all look kinda similar (except for Quincy’s variety of outfits)?  And yes, Quincy is wearing pajamas with a Red Wings jersey on top for week twelve (go wings!)  This first round of belly shots shows I’m in the Peekaboo Belly Stage – when there aren’t that big of changes week-to-week, especially since everything is pretty well stretched out from the first pregnancy.  Just to be certain, here are the Belly in the Buff Shots:


Again, doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between the weeks, but this battle isn’t over yet!

~ M “The Belly” H-G

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