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About The H-G’s

The H-G’s, 2016

Often times, we write about what’s going on in the life of The H-G’s, but do you really know who we are?  Here is a chance to learn a little bit more about the H-G Family.


Baby Maggie

Maggie, Lead Yarnist at Tugboat Yarning

MAGGIE, a toe-headed middle child, was born in the nation’s Cereal Capital, spent summers in Alabama, and loves to consume baked goods, as long as they don’t contain any nuts – she considers them wasted space that could have been filled with sugar and/or butter – though almonds, pistachios and walnuts are fair game if served in a heaping bowl all on their own.  Among her strange assortment of talents, she  loves to crochet, tolerates knitting, and can make a good home-cooked meal 40% of the time (the other 60% are made from a box or taste horrifically bad).  She has a passion for languages (formerly working in the translation and interpreting industry, though not as a linguist), loves to travel (has been to 29 states, 7 countries, and never had her wallet stolen), and thinks South Carolina has the prettiest license plates of all.  If you want to bribe her, do so with vanilla lattes, back rubs*, or skeins of yarn.  She is a stay-at-home mom, gets overly excited when successfully recycling something, and thinks chocolate chip banana bread is the cat’s meow.

*Only close friends or family; creepy people need not apply.

Baby Brad

Brad, Medical Professional & Athletic Director

BRAD is a metaphorical and literal omnivore. With a day job as a Neurology PA-C, he imagines himself as a modern day cross between Sherlock Holmes (think more Doyle than Ritchie) and JD (from the first two seasons, before he got ridiculous). At any point, you are equally likely to find him reading NEJM, Bonnie Jo Campbell, or a hockey blog. He enjoys reading smart fiction, working on the house, riding his bicycle, and watching his son and daughter smile. In the end, he enjoys a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Baby Quincy

Quincy, Head Swordsman

QUINCY, born on Winter Solstice with no snow in sight, is a happy go lucky guy.  He is working on creating his very own brand of energy drink, but has yet to master bottling his natural go-go-go attitude and endless supply of athletic abilities.  By day, he likes to play with swords, trucks, and playdough.  By night, he is rumored to be a secretive race car driver, though these claims have not been confirmed… nor refuted.


Eloise, Resident Tea and Mischief Maker

ELOISE was all drama in the womb, but as chill as chill can be once entering the world on a hot, steamy day at the end of summer.  Though she is sweet and cuddly and will melt your heart with her adorableness, the girl’s got a feistiness that can’t be forgotten.  She enjoys cooking pretend food (the noisier and more excited you are while eating it, the better), reading the first two pages of a book, and is a middle-of-the-night partier just like her big brother.



Baby H-G3, Our Missing Piece

BABY H-G3 was a great loss to us in January 2015, but though we have cried and grieved over them not joining our little homestead, we are comforted knowing they’re up in heaven dancing with Jesus and laughing as they watch their siblings duel swords, read the pages of well loved books, and eat pancakes on rainy mornings.  (Read more about our journey through miscarriage here).


Cormac, Late Night H-G Snuggler

CORMAC, is the last of our H-G Munchkins, and his final hours in the womb were of his mother laboring through a spy movie; obviously this means he has started off his life journey with mystery and intrigue.  While he is a late-night partier like his older siblings, and is a regular at The Boob Bar, he has proven to be quite skilled at snuggling, smiling, and making the uteri of other women tremble with his adorableness, or so reports have said.


As you can see, this site is a way for us to share our lives with our friends, family, and pseudo-family-friends that have come across our page and decided to follow our posts.  It is also a way for me (Maggie) to showcase some of my projects, struggles and joys as a mother,  and connect with other parents going through similar stages, or reflected on stages that have passed with their own children.


But how, you ask, did we become the H-G’s?  Well, Brad was the H, and Maggie was the G.  When getting married, Maggie didn’t want to lose her name because it had been with her since birth, identifying her, linking her to her own family, and representing her achievements thus far.  She opted to hyphenate, but it was Brad that suggested, “Why don’t we both hyphenate our names?”

So Brad added a G, Maggie got herself an H, Quincy, Eloise, and Cormac were born H-G’s, and that is how we came to share this hyphenated life together.  Thanks for reading!

~The H-G’s

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