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A Tough Winter

A Tough Winter



It’s past midnight as I write this, and I’m finding myself dragging my feet.  I should be crawling off to bed to get some much needed rest, but I don’t want to wake up to the inevitability of a hungry baby, or a restless toddler, or the realization that it’s morning again and I’m trapped in the house with a thousand feet of snow surrounding me and sub-zero temperatures tickling the door knobs.


It’s been a tough winter.  [Insert Deep Breath Here]


I was really enjoying the juggling act of having a toddler and infant.  I could run multiple errands with both kiddos, toss in some play time, work on projects of my own, have a decent meal cooked for dinner, and at least have clean clothes – maybe not folded and put away, but at a minimum crumpled up in a laundry basket just itching to be worn.



Late Fall 2013 On The Front Steps
Photo Courtesy of Kate Brown Photography


The Front Steps – Inside Looking Out

But then winter hit.  And Super Mom became an exhausted, cranky, hermit.  It has happened countless times now that I’ve gone 3, 4, even 5 days without leaving the house.  Blame it on the decrease in sunlight, the cold weather outside, the crazy-low temperatures, or the fact that if I ever want to leave the house I have to pack as if I were going on a small business trip and I can only take said trip during a very specific time in the morning (leaving at 9:00am and returning by 11:00am), or else run the risk of the three main terrors:

  1. Toddler Hungry-Despite-Snacks or Tired-Although-Doesn’t-Need-A-Nap Meltdowns
  2. Baby Unexplained Crying with Pacifier, Toy, and Blankie All in Perfect Position
  3. Regretting Ever Leaving the House Syndrome Due to #1, #2, plus I Am Starving Because I Haven’t Eaten But Still Killed Too Many Calories with Nursing


I know I have a handful of friends out there that are expecting number two, or are thinking of having number two, and I want to say that it’s a wonderful thing.  Quincy has been so sweet with his baby sister, to whom he refers to as Elobaby or just Baby, and his little toddler sentences are so clever and cute.  Eloise has been a calm and remarkably happy baby, and it’s hard to remember life before our baby girl came along.  I wouldn’t change having our little H-G Munchkins in the slightest!  So do not fear, Friends, two kiddos is a challenging season but a good season, too.


But the snow?  And the cold?  The chapped baby cheeks, the losing of mittens in a slushy parking lot, the struggle of pushing full grocery carts in sleet and 4 inches of snow, the layer upon layer of clothing to keep everyone warm?  That, I would save for another time.  Part of my writing this post is to dispel the belief of some people that I’m Super Mom and have everything put together (need I remind you of a few of my recent confessions?)  Motherhood is a wonderful experience, but it does not falter in its challenges.  And this winter is a freezing cold example of how outside forces can make those challenges tougher to overcome.




This isn’t a plea of help – I’m certain if/when I share this post, there will be a plethora of people saying they can help and I so very much appreciate that.  Instead, this is more a Statement of Struggles to say that this is a tough time and I’ve just got to push on through until spring.




We can do this.  I can do this…  I can do this, right?!  [Insert Second Deep Breath Here].




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  1. Mallory

    I love you Maggie. Hang in there, I go crazy with cabin fever after one day at home so I can imagine the frustration but Spring always comes 🙂

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